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Comfort, Endurance, and Performance - Engineered fabrics

Cycling in the Philippines means hours of sweating through both high heat and high humidity. 

Sportswear for these conditions are designed to keep the body sweating and dry.

There are polyester threads made to better absorb moisture, and these are woven in a fabric structured into 2 layers.

A gauze-textured inner layer sits against the skin. The spaces between the threads allow the skin to release sweat, while the threads against the skin pull the moisture away to the outer layer.  

The outer layer is more dense, and takes in the sweat from the inner layer as it dries into the air. 

The density of the fabric is matched to the humidity the gear is designed for. Less humid places allow for thinner and lighter fabrics, as moisture drys more quickly.  Places with high humidity need more dense fabrics, to pull in more sweat and hold it as it evaporates.  Lighter fabrics can become too soaked, as moisture is pulled from the skin faster than it can dry. 

Other things can be added to the fabric to reflect heat, UV radiation, and stop the growth of bacteria, and these all make for a more comfortable ride.  

But the foundation of better performance wear, gear that helps keep us going at our best longer, is the layered fabric.  Pearl Izumi uses these fabrics for its whole line of jerseys and bottoms, and designs for hot and humid.

For where we ride.

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