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Comfort, Endurance, and Performance - Russell Tape

Comfort is where endurance and performance meet.

Russell tape hems on Pearl Izumi shorts keep the garment moving with your body while wicking sweat away from your skin. This allows you more time on the bike more often, without the skin irritation or allergic reactions brought on by silicone-lined hems.

The Russell tape anti-slip structure has a layer of nanometer-fine polyester threads that sits against the skin followed by a breathable but more elastic layer. This allows the material to grip the the body without blocking skin pores and preventing the release of sweat.

Especially valuable in our humid climate, these properties together give Pearl Izumi bottoms a close fit that follows the pedaling stroke without being constricting, allows the body to cool efficiently through drying sweat quickly, and avoids the recurring discomfort of chafing and other skin irritation. 

Russell tape hems are available on coldblack®, Race, and Premium shorts and bib shorts.

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